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Integrated High Security

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About Us

AW Technic, founded in 1993, provides products and services for integrated high security.
We have extensive experience in providing advanced solutions for nuclear power plants, investment banks, insurance companies and other large facilities. The emphasis is on Honeywell systems, Tyco Software House systems, biometric security systems and customized solutions.


Areas of Interest

Access Control

We provide Security Management Systems, including Access Control, with advanced technologies such as Hard Antipassback and Biometrics on an Enterprise level, spanning all over the globe.

Intrusion Detection

We focus on the mid to large commercial security installations. Being able to integrate multiple connected panels with up to 520 intrusion zones per panel, with advanced sensors, is simply intrusion detection done right.

Video Surveillance

You can do video surveillance in a wide variation of ways. We do it the advanced way, using high definition cameras, advanced video analysis and integration with security management systems.

Visitor Management

There is both time and money to be saved by managing your visitors efficiently. We provide solutions that streamlines procedures for everything from photography, signatures and access cards to pre-registration and host notifications.

Constraint inspires creativity

- Jack Dorsey -

Special Focus

There are certain key areas that we are particularly focused on.

  • Global Security Systems
  • Antipassback (APB)
  • Biometric Readers

  • Security System Integration
  • Security Analysis
  • Redundancy Solutions

  • Customer Communication
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Customization

Preferred Solutions

There are certain products and systems that we would like to highlight.

HIS Platinum 2018


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